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Allow us to introduce Chris, a compassionate individual who co-founded Cherished Care Services alongside his wife, Chandrea. With 15 years of experience in the charity sector, Chris brings a wealth of knowledge and a genuine commitment to improving the lives of others. Together with his family, Chris has established a family-run business that embodies their values and dedication to providing exceptional care.

Prior to launching Cherished Care Services, Chris dedicated himself to the charity sector, honing his skills in understanding the needs of individuals and communities. Motivated by their collective experiences, Chris and Chandrea joined forces to create a homecare company that reflects their shared vision of delivering compassionate and personalized care to those in need.

Chris has a keen interest in technology and artificial intelligence (AI) and their potential applications in the homecare industry. Recognising the transformative power of technology, he is passionate about harnessing its capabilities to enhance the quality of care provided to clients. By staying at the forefront of advancements in AI and technology, Chris ensures that Cherished Care Services remains at the cutting edge of innovation, offering efficient and effective solutions to meet the diverse needs of their clients.

As a resident of Wilmslow for 19 years, Chris is deeply connected to the local community. His familiarity with the area and its residents allows him to understand the unique challenges they face and tailor services to meet their specific requirements. Chris’s commitment to the community goes beyond his professional responsibilities. He actively participates in various sports activities, indulges in his passion for computing, and enjoys walking having recently climbed mount Snowdon.

At Cherished Care Services, Chris’s innovative mindset and commitment to excellence set the tone for the entire team. His dedication to implementing technology-driven solutions, combined with his compassionate approach to care, inspire the staff to go above and beyond for each client. Chris’s ability to combine his technical acumen with his genuine concern for the well-being of others ensures that Cherished Care Services remains a leader in the homecare industry.

As a proud father of two boys, family values are deeply ingrained in Chris’s personal and professional life. Cherished Care Services is a testament to the importance he places on building strong relationships and providing care that cherishes the essence of family. Chris’s unwavering dedication to his own family spills over into the care he provides for all clients, fostering an environment of trust, respect, and compassion.

With Chris’s leadership and expertise, Cherished Care Services has grown into a reputable and trusted homecare provider. His commitment to incorporating technology, combined with his profound understanding of the needs of individuals and families, enables the company to deliver outstanding services that truly make a difference in people’s lives.

Join us at Cherished Care Services and experience the compassionate and innovative approach that Chris brings to homecare. Contact us today to discover how we can provide tailored care solutions that prioritize your well-being and ensure you receive the support you deserve.